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Spain – May 2010 (Part 2)

Isla Tabarca

The second beach we visited was on the small Isla Tabarca just off the coast of Santa Pola.


We caught a small boat from the port of Santa Pola.  There is a large car park at the port with a number of regular boats that go to and from the island throughout the day.  There is a small kiosk where you can buy your tickets and get the timetables for the return boats.

All the boats dock at the only harbour on the Island where there are 3 or 4 small restaurants.  The track to the right leads you to the main beach and then up to the small town.

To get to the beach walk towards the main beach but take the left hand track just before the main beach.  This will lead you round the South side of the Island.  Walk for about 5 minutes and you’ll come across a small beach facing some rocks in the sea.,-0.47557&num=1&hl=en&ie=UTF8&z=14&ll=38.174377,-0.473592&output=embed
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The beach was shingle and pebble and in a glorious sport.  There was a fair amount of dried seaweed on the beach but we managed to find a clear spot.  The water was really clear and a joy to snorkel out to rocks.  Be warned though, when we visited the seagulls were nesting and so got a little ‘over protective’ when you got near to the rocks.

There was one large Spanish family and another couple during our visit and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon there.

We did visit during the school term and so there were a number of school children on the Island – seemed to be a kind of kids activity event going on.  They did walk past the beach a few times but didn’t cause any bother to the naked bathers.

On the way back to the harbour we walked around the other side of the Island and spotted a number of other smaller coves.  We saw only one other couple and therefore it appears that textile bathers congregate on the main beach, and the naked one’s on the beach we went to.

We would definitely recommend this beach (and the Island) for an enjoyable day trip.

If any of you have visited this beach or know of any nudist friendly properties in the Santa Pola/Guardama del Segura then we would love to hear from you!