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Nakation on TV

Hi everyone

Did anyone see the programme on TV last night – Cherry Healey Body Dilemmas?

The BBC3 documentary, explored why we are so neurotic about body image.

Cherry reports that “when we decided to make a programme about body image, I was excited. It’s something I’ve really struggled with so I felt that I would, perhaps, be able to understand the stories I was going to hear but that I would, definitely, learn a huge amount”.

Towards the end of the programme, Cherry went to met two naturists.

On this topic she says that “at the beginning of this process, I suppose, I secretly felt that body liberation couldn’t truly exist in a culture with such intensive exposure to images of airbrushed women. But much to my surprise Sandra, a naturist from Gloucester, proved me wrong. Ok, ok, so I know that being a naturist isn’t exactly a standard hobby but once I’d acclimatised to seeing people in their birthday suits, I realised that Sandra had a nugget of gold to share. She had taken personal responsibility for her body worries and had decided to change the way she felt about her body. It wasn’t a lightening, overnight moment but it was a gradual, conscious decision to feel happier with her body. She chose to see her body in a new light: as an amazing vehicle that had produced six children and was hers and hers alone. She had stopped comparing herself to other women and, in doing so, she had found a happier, more peaceful relationship with her body. I want me some of that”.

The final shots of the programme was where Cherry decided to try skinny dipping.  It’s a shame that she could not pluck up the courage to join the others but at least she gave it a go!

See video below

Coverage of the programme also made the local press.

If any of you watched it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!