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Nakation News – Decrease in number of naturists?

Interesting article on the decline in the number of naturists in Germany – the home of the FKK movement as well as figures showing the lack of young people getting involved in naturism in America.

I wonder whether young people prefer to participate in more ‘nakation’ type of naturism (i.e. skinny dipping, visits to beaches when on holiday) as opposed to being fully signed up naturists?

As a 30 year old myself, I class myself as a nudist rather than a naturist.  I love being naked at home (when the weather is nice), and on the beach.  I’ll also seek out holiday properties that have a private terrace or outside space but I don’t really want to join a naturist club or feel the need to become a member of the British Naturist Society.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this

Nakation News – TripAdvisor lists top 5 naked events

Plan your naked year, with TripAdvisor’s list of their top 5 naked events including:


Nude Beach Olympics – Maslin Beach, Australia.  Click here for the website of the Southern United Naturists who organise the nude Olympics.

June and July

World Naked Bike Ride – Worldwide.  Click here for more information


AANR World Record Skinny Dip – Across North America.  Click here for more information.  Click here for some quality photographs of an event at Haulover Beach

Running of the Nudes – Pamplona, Spain.  For more information click here.

August – September

Burning Man – Black Rock Desert, Nevada.  Click here for more information.

I’ve not been to any of these but would love to go to Burning Man.  if any of you have been to these events or can recommend any others, we’d love to hear from you!

Nakation News – TripAdvisor lists their top 5 nude beaches

TripAdvisor have produced a list of their top 5 nude beaches.  See here for full article. The beaches are:

1.  Haulover Beach – Miami, Florida.  See here for more information

2. Wreck Beach – Vancouver, Canada.  See here for more information

3.  Paradise Beach – Mykonos, Greece.  Not great reviews of this beach on Cap n Barefoot’s website

4.  Orient Beach – St Maarten, Caribbean

5.  Black’s Beach – San Diego, California.  See here for more information.

If any of you have been to these beaches we’d love to hear from you.

Nakation news – Orange release list of world’s best nudist beaches

Orange have released a list of the world’s best nudist beaches on their holiday ideas website.

Oddly there are only three beaches listed! Anyway, I thought I’d give you some information on them.

Cala San Pedro, Cabo de Gata, Spain

The beach is listed in the Bare Beaches book as a beach for adventurous naturists.  The beach can only be reached by boat or a longish walk.  It is now home to a small hippy community – peace and tolerance existing far from a materialistic world.


Access is along the coastal trail GR92 heading north from the small town of Las Negras (approximately 5km walk).   The dramatic scenery enroute is amazing and frequently resembles a lunar landscape plunging into the Mediterranean.


I’ve not been to this beach so if any of you have, we’d love to hear from you.  If any of you have stayed in any nudist friendly properties in the area, let us know!

The other two beaches listed are: i) Cap d’Agde, France and ii) Wreck Beach, Canada.

Nakation News – El Portus

I came across this article on another first-time experience, this time to El Portus.

Accompanying a friend, Jane Cornwall shares with us her experience of going naked for the first at the wonderful Camping Naturista El Portus.  Click here for the full article.

It is good to know that Jane was willing to give naturism a try and I particularly like the contrast between these two sentences:

“As I sit there, conspicuous in my bikini bottoms, I realise they are simply that – bodies. There is nothing erotic or pervy about it. The atmosphere is laid-back, friendly and overwhelmingly democratic”

Followed by:

“A week in, I sit on our porch and watch our new neighbours arrive. ‘Hola!’ I say, liberated from clothes and inhibitions. ‘How’s that for a view?’”

Click here for my review of this perfect place – Spain May 2010.

If any of you have stayed here, we’d love to hear you thoughts.

Nakation News – Playa de Salvaje

Good article here about one couple’s first time experience of going naked on a beach.

See article here.

The beach in question is Barinatxe Beach, Sopelana, Spain.  However, it is also known as Playa de Salvaje.

According to, this beach draws a large crowd of both clad and unclad visitors.  Nudists tend to use one end of the beach, but even on crowded days there are often a few nudists interspersed among the textiles on the central part of the beach.  Of all the nude beaches near Bilbao, this one is the most popular.


The beach is located to the north of Bilbao, close to Sopelana.


The beach is also the location of the annual 5000km nude race.  See here for more information.  It doesn’t look like the website is updated that much!

If any of you have been to this beach or even participated in the nude race, we’d love to here from you.

If any of you have stayed in nudist friendly property in this area, please let us know!

Nakation on TV

Hi everyone

Did anyone see the programme on TV last night – Cherry Healey Body Dilemmas?

The BBC3 documentary, explored why we are so neurotic about body image.

Cherry reports that “when we decided to make a programme about body image, I was excited. It’s something I’ve really struggled with so I felt that I would, perhaps, be able to understand the stories I was going to hear but that I would, definitely, learn a huge amount”.

Towards the end of the programme, Cherry went to met two naturists.

On this topic she says that “at the beginning of this process, I suppose, I secretly felt that body liberation couldn’t truly exist in a culture with such intensive exposure to images of airbrushed women. But much to my surprise Sandra, a naturist from Gloucester, proved me wrong. Ok, ok, so I know that being a naturist isn’t exactly a standard hobby but once I’d acclimatised to seeing people in their birthday suits, I realised that Sandra had a nugget of gold to share. She had taken personal responsibility for her body worries and had decided to change the way she felt about her body. It wasn’t a lightening, overnight moment but it was a gradual, conscious decision to feel happier with her body. She chose to see her body in a new light: as an amazing vehicle that had produced six children and was hers and hers alone. She had stopped comparing herself to other women and, in doing so, she had found a happier, more peaceful relationship with her body. I want me some of that”.

The final shots of the programme was where Cherry decided to try skinny dipping.  It’s a shame that she could not pluck up the courage to join the others but at least she gave it a go!

See video below

Coverage of the programme also made the local press.

If any of you watched it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Spain – May 2011 (Post 3)

Playa de Negrete

The final beach we went to was a trip back to Playa de Negrete in the Calblanque Regional Park (see post 3 May 2010).

However, instead of staying on the main Playa de Negrete beach, we headed over the headland to the smalled coves on the other side.  I’m not sure what they are called hence I’ve titled this beach review – Playa de Negrete.


Follow directions as stated in previous post of this beach.  To get to the smaller coves head right as you face the beach and walk along Playa de Negrete.  There is a very small cove (about 5 metres wide) at the foot of the headland.  Walk past here up and over the headland.  At the top of the headland you’ll see the coves in front of you.  Take when walking over the headland – there are some paths but be careful where you place your foot as some of the rocks are loose.  We suggest you spend the day on the second beach you get to.


Unlike Playa de Negrete, this beach was 100% naked, with a surprising mixture of younger couples.  The beach is made up of soft sand and calm water.

The first picture shows the headland that you need to walk over.  The second shows the beach to head for (as seen from the top of the headland).

The beach was gorgeous and so would definitely recommend it.

However, if you decide to come here, stay clear from the cove to the right of this beach.

I decided to go off snorkeling around the rocks and down past the adjacent cove.  It was here that I saw two men having sex and then got wanked at by a lone male as I made my way back. I would therefore warn people to stay away from this section.  Honestly, what is it with some people!


If any of you have been to this beach we would love to here from you.  Also if any of you have stayed in any nudist friendly properties in this area we’d love to here about it

Spain – May 2011 (Post 2)

Playa del Moraig

The second beach we went to was Playa del Moraig.

We called in here on the way back from Playa del Ambolo so spent an hour or so at the end of the day.


The beach is located in Cumbre del Sol, just south of Benitachell.  Getting to beach from the Ap7 and the N332 is fairly straightforward.  Drive through Benissa, Teulada and Benitachell.  At some point you’ll see signs for Cumbre del Sol.  It appeared to be a large holiday park type of place.  Follow the signs for the beach.  The road takes you down to the beach and the car park.  There is a small shop, bar and toilets.


The beach is naturist at the far end with about 15 -20 enjoying this end of the beach in the nude.

The beach is a quite pebbly so we would recommend you take something comfy to sit on.

As it was the end of the day, the sun was losing it’s heat but was still a pleasant way to spend an hour or so.

If you are in this part of the world we would recommend Playa del Ambolo instead but it is still a nice and attractive beach.

If any of you have been to this beach let us know.  Again, if any of you know of any nudist friendly properties in the area we would love to hear from you!

Spain – May 2011 (Part 1)

This is the start of 3 blogs on our recent week on the Spanish Costa Blanca.  Given we stayed at the same place, we were keen to explore new beaches – this did mean more time spent driving up and down the AP7 and N332 – but was worth it.

A beach we visited for the first time was Playa El Ambolo.

Playa El Ambolo, Jávea (Xàbia)


Getting to the beach was a little difficult (due to the Spaniards fondness for lack of road signs!) but essentially you need to get out of Javea on the CV742.  The beach is located south of Cabo de la Nao and in front of the Descubridor Island.

You can park you car at the top of the access road at the back of some residential properties.  Due to rock falls you cannot drive down as close to the beach as you could have done previously.  Keep clear from the steep sides as well.  Walk down the steep track and on your left are wooden steps leading you down to the beach.


The beach is picture perfect and located in a beautiful spot.  There are some gorgeous houses on the cliff and we were very jealous of the people living there – what must people do to afford a place like that?!

The beach is very rocky with large pebbles.  We made the mistake of not taking anything inflatable to lie on – big mistake! There were small areas of sand but these were already taken by other beach users.

All beach users were naked and was fairly mixed – one young family, few couples and one or two single men.

Sadly. the sea was quite rough when we were there so I cannot comment on the snorkeling although as we were leaving 3 lads had arrived to go scuba diving and the beach is mentioned on various websites so it must be good.

There was some talk on the beach that someone was trying to break into people’s cars so be warned that this may be a regular problem.  I walked up the steep road back the car to check but saw nothing.  At least it was good to know that people were looking out for each other!

Overall we would recommend this beach if you are in this part of the world.

If any of you have been to this beach we would love to hear your views.

If any of you have stayed in any nudist friendly properties in the Javea area let us know!