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Portugal – July 2009 (Part 5)

Caneiros, Ferragudo Town

The final beach we tried to get to was in Ferragudo town.  However, the directions we found on the internet were so poor we could not find it and so spent the day on Praia dos Caneiros. I have therefore decided to provide some proper directions for all you ‘nakationers’!


To get to the bare beach, drive out of Portimao into Ferragudo.  Continue along the EN539 towards Vale da Azinhaga.  Drive through this small built-up area.  Just after exiting there is a right hand turn towards the Ferragudo lighthouse.  Go past here and the rod to the beach is the next on your right.  Leave you car at the car park above the main beach.  Walk down to the beach and turn to the right (as you face the sea).  Access is gained by walking round the foot of the cliff (best to be done during low tide).


The fantastic Bare Beaches book (Lifestyle Press) gives the following comments on the beach:

“The small but almost exclusively bare beach is easy to find and has a fabulous view of craggy offshore rocks.  The beach is a delightful and safe place to swim or sunbathe on the yellow sands and watch the seagulls flocking to the rocky islets.  You can hire a paddle boat from the neighbouring Ferragudo town beach.

Hope you can find it! If so, let us know your thoughts.