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Nakation News – Best Beaches for Snorkelling and Diving

The Bare Beaches book has come up with their top 5 nudist beaches for snorkelling and diving.  These are:

1. Paya Bay beach, Honduras

Paya Bay beach is located within Paya Bay Resort which is described as a beach, nature, leisure, and wellness boutique hotel on the beautiful island of Roatan in the Central American Caribbean.

There are three beaches in the bay –

– Bliss Beach (topless apart from specially designated naturist weeks) – this has been voted one of the top ten most beautiful private beaches in the Caribbean.

– Buccaneer Landing – a private, protected cove teeming with juvenile tropical fish that is ideal for sunbathing and swimming

– Secret Cove – a spectacular little cove near the tip of the Alligator Head rock formation that has excellent snorkeling as soon as you enter the water.

For more information see the Paya Bay Resort website.

2. Sunset Waters beach, Curacao

3. Sveti Nikola, Porec, Croatia

The naturist beach on Sveti Nikola is located just off the coast of Porec.  The islet of Sveti Nikola is Porec’s oldest bathing place and a favourite since the end of the 19th century. The islet can be reached by free boat which starts regularly (every 30 minutes) from the town promenade and only takes a few minutes.
When you get to the island, proceed left along the coast, past the textile beach and than you will find entrances to the FKK beach on the left side of the path.

The beach itself is marked as naturist only with large FKK signs written on the shore.  It is very small (no more than 100 meters in length), extremely rocky and hidden from sight.  It has no facilities whatsoever and no shade, so take what you need for the day.

4. Vritomartis, Crete

See my blog for more information on this beach.

5. Villata, Porto Vechio, Corsica

For more information click here.


If you have been to any of these beaches we would love to hear from you.  Alternatively, if you have any suggestions on any other nudist beaches that are ideal for snorkelling please do get in touch.