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Nakation News – Turn up, strip off!

Gone are the days when you had to trek for half a day to find a secret bare beach.  The fantastic Bare Beaches book provides 5 beaches where you won’t sweat getting to:

La Grande Cote, near Royan, France

The Bare Beaches book describes the beach as an “attractive sandy beach popular with families because it is more sheltered and has easy access.  Acres of fine light golden sand slope gently into the sea, making it good for skinny dipping in calm weather.  The is a sandwich bar serving refreshments on this official bare beach.”

The website refers to the beach as “easily accessible and popular beach [that] draws a mix of nudists and textiles.  Although quite spacious, it is more densely populated than nearby Plage de la Côte Sauvage and requires less effort to reach.”

Playa los Tusales, Costa Blanca, Spain

Click here for more details

Haulover Beach, Florida, USA

The Bare Beaches book describes the beach as “situated in the south of the ‘sunshine state’, this officially bare sandy beach set in the regional park has a huge following of regular visitors from across the globe.  The bare area is more than 800 yards long and has it’s own lifeguard lookout posts.  Refreshments are on sale, sunbeds and umbrellas are available to hire.  Toilets are located directly behind the beach.  The cosmopolitan crowd here often hold impromptu barbecues and at weekends there’s a particularly lively atmosphere.”


Vera Playa, Costa de Almeria

The Bare Beaches states that “this is Spain’s capital of nudism.  A long wide beach with a big choice of naturist accommodation nest to it.  Great for au natural sunning, walking and skinny dipping.”

The Nakedplaces website states that the formal name of the beach at Vera Playa is Playa del Playazo.



Sougia, Crete

The Bare Beaches book states that “this beach could not be easier to find.  Bare bathing is popular and commonplace immediately to the east of Sougia town.  The water is excellent for swimming and snorkelling, with safe natural rock pools for children.  The beach is small pebbles, fine enough to make it comfortable for sunbathing.  There is a happy mix of dress and undress on the beach, although the nude bathers often comfortably outnumber the clothed ones.  Further east beyond a rock, is a more secluded area with springs and caves to explore.”


Do you know of any other nude beaches that are easy to get to? If so, we would love to hear from you!

If any of you have been to these beaches of have stayed in any nudist friendly properties that are close to these please let us know.  I definitely fancy a trip to Sougia this year!

Nakation News – Best Beaches for Snorkelling and Diving

The Bare Beaches book has come up with their top 5 nudist beaches for snorkelling and diving.  These are:

1. Paya Bay beach, Honduras

Paya Bay beach is located within Paya Bay Resort which is described as a beach, nature, leisure, and wellness boutique hotel on the beautiful island of Roatan in the Central American Caribbean.

There are three beaches in the bay –

– Bliss Beach (topless apart from specially designated naturist weeks) – this has been voted one of the top ten most beautiful private beaches in the Caribbean.

– Buccaneer Landing – a private, protected cove teeming with juvenile tropical fish that is ideal for sunbathing and swimming

– Secret Cove – a spectacular little cove near the tip of the Alligator Head rock formation that has excellent snorkeling as soon as you enter the water.

For more information see the Paya Bay Resort website.

2. Sunset Waters beach, Curacao

3. Sveti Nikola, Porec, Croatia

The naturist beach on Sveti Nikola is located just off the coast of Porec.  The islet of Sveti Nikola is Porec’s oldest bathing place and a favourite since the end of the 19th century. The islet can be reached by free boat which starts regularly (every 30 minutes) from the town promenade and only takes a few minutes.
When you get to the island, proceed left along the coast, past the textile beach and than you will find entrances to the FKK beach on the left side of the path.

The beach itself is marked as naturist only with large FKK signs written on the shore.  It is very small (no more than 100 meters in length), extremely rocky and hidden from sight.  It has no facilities whatsoever and no shade, so take what you need for the day.

4. Vritomartis, Crete

See my blog for more information on this beach.

5. Villata, Porto Vechio, Corsica

For more information click here.


If you have been to any of these beaches we would love to hear from you.  Alternatively, if you have any suggestions on any other nudist beaches that are ideal for snorkelling please do get in touch.

Crete September 2008 – Part 2

The second beach we went to is a well known nudist beach on the southern coast – Filaki Beach.

I had read about the beach on various websites and thought it’d be a nice day out from Elounda.  4 hours later we had finally arrived! Suggest you stay in Chora Skafion to save a long journey back (as well as allowing for more time on the beach).


We took the main road out of Elounda along the northern coast to Georgioupoli.  From here, the journey to Chora Skafion is quite impressive through the mountain range.  Beware of the mountain goats though!

The road then twists and turns down to sea level.  Before entering the small fishing village of Chora Skafion, there is a single track road that takes you towards the naturist hotel – Vritomartis Hotel.  Take the road to left before the entrance to the hotel.  This will lead you down to a small car park next to a beach bar.

The beach was fairly quite when we went (probably due to the overcast weather).  However, sunbeds were available as was the beach bar (which also has toilets)

We spent a lovely few hours there.  I even got talking to Vladimir, a guy on holiday with his girlfriend from St Petersburgh, Russia.  Discussing Anglo-Russian politics in the nude was certainly a new experience!!

If you are in this part of Crete (or fancy a full ‘day out’) I would certainly recommend this beach.

See map below beach (located with green arrow)


First Time – Crete September 2008

Although I had spent most of my childhood holidays going to nudist beaches with my parents in South England and France, I stopped going when I hit my teens.

Then a holiday to Crete in 2009 with my wife, sparked a renewed interest in going to nudist beaches and memories of the sense of freedom returned.

We stayed in Elounda on the north coast of Crete.  Looking at travel websites, I came across the excellent and very informative (if a little tired looking) Captain Barefoot’s Guide to the Greek Islands (

Kolokitha Bay


The beach can be accessed by driving out of Elounda towards the uninhabited peninsular of Kolokitha.  This is easy to find and is situated to the right of Spinalonga Island.  Follow the dirt track as it goes uphill slightly.  At the top there is spaces to park your car.  Follow the path down to the main beach (see photo above).  This main beach was fairly busy with textile families and who were soon joined by two large ‘Party Boats’ (I assume these have come from Malia further round the coast to the north).  Walk to the right of the main beach and follow the rocks/shoreline.  Keep going for about 5-10 minutes and you’ll come across a small (probably about 10 metres wide secluded beach).  It is well hidden from the path and perfect for spending a day in the nude.  Remember to take your own food and refreshments as there are no facilities at all.  Also suggest you wear a pair of sea/jelly shoes as there was a number of sea urchins as access into the sea is rocky.  However, the day we visited the sea was warm and crystal clear and ideal for snorkeling.  Perfect!

See link below for map of beach,25.754537&num=1&t=h&sll=35.196817,24.151254&sspn=0.013887,0.027595&ie=UTF8&z=14&ll=35.258428,25.754313&output=embed
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