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Spain – May 2011 (Post 3)

Playa de Negrete

The final beach we went to was a trip back to Playa de Negrete in the Calblanque Regional Park (see post 3 May 2010).

However, instead of staying on the main Playa de Negrete beach, we headed over the headland to the smalled coves on the other side.  I’m not sure what they are called hence I’ve titled this beach review – Playa de Negrete.


Follow directions as stated in previous post of this beach.  To get to the smaller coves head right as you face the beach and walk along Playa de Negrete.  There is a very small cove (about 5 metres wide) at the foot of the headland.  Walk past here up and over the headland.  At the top of the headland you’ll see the coves in front of you.  Take when walking over the headland – there are some paths but be careful where you place your foot as some of the rocks are loose.  We suggest you spend the day on the second beach you get to.


Unlike Playa de Negrete, this beach was 100% naked, with a surprising mixture of younger couples.  The beach is made up of soft sand and calm water.

The first picture shows the headland that you need to walk over.  The second shows the beach to head for (as seen from the top of the headland).

The beach was gorgeous and so would definitely recommend it.

However, if you decide to come here, stay clear from the cove to the right of this beach.

I decided to go off snorkeling around the rocks and down past the adjacent cove.  It was here that I saw two men having sex and then got wanked at by a lone male as I made my way back. I would therefore warn people to stay away from this section.  Honestly, what is it with some people!


If any of you have been to this beach we would love to here from you.  Also if any of you have stayed in any nudist friendly properties in this area we’d love to here about it

Spain – May 2010 (Part 1)

We spent a week on the Costa Blanca.  During our stay we visited a number of beaches which I’ll list in 4 posts.

El Portus

The first beach we visited was in El Portus, near Cartagena.  The beach is only accessible through Camping Naturista El Portus for which a day pass for 2 adults was around 12 Euro’s.  This gives you access to the beach plus the swimming pool (although this was shut at the time of our visits).  It is possible to access the beach from the smaller village beach to the right of the campsite, although this requires a hike up and over a sizeable hill.

Upon passing through reception, there is a road that takes you down to the car park to the rear of the beach.  There are showers and toilets and a small bar/restaurant.  However, we visited out of the main holiday season so there was no ice cream stall (as we’ve seen on some photos) and therefore we would suggest taking everything you need for the day.


Getting to Cartagena from Guardamar is simple, just head straight down the AP7.  Getting out of Cartagena was more tricky! After a few hours of seeing the same roundabout over and over again, we finally picked up the right road.  You need to head for the centre of the City and look for signs for Plaza de Espana (there is an underground car park here which was handy for exploring the harbour).  From here pick up the N332 out of the city until you see a sign for Canteras.  Follow the local roads through Canteras and you’ll soon come to a sign for El Portus (after about 7km), take this turn and you’ll soon get to the campsite which is a further 4km.,-1.068746&num=1&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=6.881357,14.941406&ie=UTF8&z=14&ll=37.582167,-1.068442&output=embed
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The beach is lovely with a nice family atmosphere.  There was a good mix of ages and a fair split between those staying on the site and those who had come for the day.  The beach is a mixture of pebbles and dark sand and slopes steeply into the sea, which was nice and clear and great for snorkeling.

We enjoyed it so much, we visited again later on in the week.

Sadly, this visit was not so good due to a group of males (who we saw accessing the beach over the large headland) who decided to set up near to us and then started to masturbate whilst ogling the females on the beach.  We reported it to reception who sent two members of staff  down to investigate but we decided to leave at this point.  I did notice in Theresa O’Shea’s column in H&E Naturist Magazine on some recent issues regarding public masturbating on Spanish beaches in which El Portus was mentioned. Let’s hope that something is being done to stop this – maybe securing the access over the headland?   Despite this we would still recommend the beach to anyone in this part of the country.  Check out the Camping Naturista El Portus website for more information.

If any of you have visited here or stayed at the campsite, we would love to hear from you.

Also if any of you have any accommodation to recommend in the Cartagena area (nudist friendly of course!) let us know!