Nakation News – Playa de Salvaje

Good article here about one couple’s first time experience of going naked on a beach.

See article here.

The beach in question is Barinatxe Beach, Sopelana, Spain.  However, it is also known as Playa de Salvaje.

According to, this beach draws a large crowd of both clad and unclad visitors.  Nudists tend to use one end of the beach, but even on crowded days there are often a few nudists interspersed among the textiles on the central part of the beach.  Of all the nude beaches near Bilbao, this one is the most popular.


The beach is located to the north of Bilbao, close to Sopelana.


The beach is also the location of the annual 5000km nude race.  See here for more information.  It doesn’t look like the website is updated that much!

If any of you have been to this beach or even participated in the nude race, we’d love to here from you.

If any of you have stayed in nudist friendly property in this area, please let us know!

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