First Time – Crete September 2008

Although I had spent most of my childhood holidays going to nudist beaches with my parents in South England and France, I stopped going when I hit my teens.

Then a holiday to Crete in 2009 with my wife, sparked a renewed interest in going to nudist beaches and memories of the sense of freedom returned.

We stayed in Elounda on the north coast of Crete.  Looking at travel websites, I came across the excellent and very informative (if a little tired looking) Captain Barefoot’s Guide to the Greek Islands (

Kolokitha Bay


The beach can be accessed by driving out of Elounda towards the uninhabited peninsular of Kolokitha.  This is easy to find and is situated to the right of Spinalonga Island.  Follow the dirt track as it goes uphill slightly.  At the top there is spaces to park your car.  Follow the path down to the main beach (see photo above).  This main beach was fairly busy with textile families and who were soon joined by two large ‘Party Boats’ (I assume these have come from Malia further round the coast to the north).  Walk to the right of the main beach and follow the rocks/shoreline.  Keep going for about 5-10 minutes and you’ll come across a small (probably about 10 metres wide secluded beach).  It is well hidden from the path and perfect for spending a day in the nude.  Remember to take your own food and refreshments as there are no facilities at all.  Also suggest you wear a pair of sea/jelly shoes as there was a number of sea urchins as access into the sea is rocky.  However, the day we visited the sea was warm and crystal clear and ideal for snorkeling.  Perfect!

See link below for map of beach,25.754537&num=1&t=h&sll=35.196817,24.151254&sspn=0.013887,0.027595&ie=UTF8&z=14&ll=35.258428,25.754313&output=embed
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  1. I’m in Crete at the minute and thought I’d check this out – found a beautiful cove that my partner and I spent the day at. It was completely private and the sea was beautiful and clear. Had a great time – thanks for the heads up on this, we’ll definately be back.


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